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For interested parties who want to partner with our boutique family farms

Who we partner with?

We’re a bit old school at Kavafarm.com and like to partner with people who operate on old fashioned values of trust, honesty and patience.

Why choose us?

For the highest quality wholesale kava and dealing with knowledgeable people, you’ve come to the right place. Our family team oversee the whole supply chain process across all our farms. From the seedlings in the nursery to planting and growing. All the kava we harvest is processed at the family processing plants to ensure consistent quality.

Are you a Kava Retailer or Kava Reseller?

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Produced Matured Kava roots
Perfect Taste - Anytime , Anywhere
Tel: +679 7519174 | +679 2190462
Facebook: Mai Sahea Kava


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